My Services

I offer several services that may be used for people that want to invest in shares.


Share transaction Service is easy to use. You complete the forms and provide the photo identification and I will open an account with CommSec Adviser Services and transact the shares for you. In the case of sales, I will verify the holdings and check on dividend instructions, Payments will be done electronically. Confirmation notes will be sent to both you and you and your accountant.


The Personal Share Management Service is designed for those clients who already has a share portfolio but require some assistance with when to buy and sell and what to do with corporate actions such as takeovers and demergers.

Alternatively, you may need to refocus investments in order to achieve your goals. Here, I will do a Portfolio Review and, subject to approval by you, I will transact the shares as indicated. Thereafter, there will be a review either quarterly, half-yearly or annually depending on your instruction. These clients will also receive a copy of the Lifespan quarterly newsletter, Personal Wealth.


The Standard Portfolio Services is designed for investors that are new to shares. The growth with income portfolio invests in a portfolio of quality shares that are designed to provide capital growth and a fully-franked dividend stream. It can be used for Self Managed Super Funds, Family Trusts or Individuals. The income portfolio is designed for retirees who can make he most of franking credits. It invests in quality companies and Hybrid securities that pay fully-franked dividends.

You will receive a Portfolio Review every 6 months with the Portfolio Valuation. During that time, any announcements that may affect those holdings will be communicated to you wit a GENERAL ADVICE. Further, clients will also receive a copy of the Lifespan quarterly newsletter, Personal Wealth.


A Comprehensive Investment Service is a blend of Shares, Managed Funds and other investments that aim to provide exposure to the global and domestic markets in order to achieve your stated goals.


My business is based on referrals. Satisfied clients tell their friends and family about their experience. So, anyone who needs advice about investments, especially shares would be a good referral. I also have accountants, solicitors and other financial planners who refer business me and together we make a great team.