Are You An Investor

Although no two investors are alike, there are four threshold points in an investor’s life when a review of their investment strategy is particularly valuable…

Investors new to equities

People may begin actively investing in equities at any stage of their lives. Broadly in line with age and circumstances, portfolios may be structured to deliver growth with income, or they may be more income focused.

Changed personal circumstances

People encounter any number of major changes that typically necessitate re-evaluation of their investment portfolio. Examples include marriage, the birth of a child, redundancy, an inheritance, and retirement.


People approaching and entering the retirement phase of their lives have a particular need to structure their investments appropriately. Specifically, they need to ensure they are positioned to maximise their benefits from aged or disability pensions, given the associated deeming regulations.

Deceased estates

When probate for a deceased estate has been granted, shares bequeathed to beneficiaries need to be transferred in an efficient and tax effective manner. At this time, it is also appropriate to establish an investment strategy to maximise the benefits that will flow to the new asset holders.

Moving into a retirement village nursing home